3 Tools Every Couple Needs to Manage Their Finances During Challenging Times

I have created this episode as there is a lot of conversations going around about cost of living rising and people feeling the financial pinch. From here I am seeing a lot of couples struggling with how to manage their finances together without getting into disagreements or upset.

In this episode I go into a deep dive on:

  • Practical ways to stay on the same financial page when life is hectic
  • Should you keep your finances seperate or together in a relationship?
  • Pitfalls and strengths of different options regarding how you manage your finances
  • How to manage your finances as a TEAM and strengthen you both as a couple

It is so important to create visibility around both peoples thoughts, feelings and actions and from there create practical change.  There is so much healing that occurs when you feel seen, heard and valued in your relationship. The online couples intensive retreat day is perfect to get you both to where you want your relationship to be. There is 20% of the retreat day for 10 days only! You can read more about it here. 

In the episode I said there was a code but if you email me at [email protected] we can set up a free zoom call to check it is a good fit for us both.


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