"I was feeling disconnected, stressed and unhappy with the relationship within myself. Laura tailored the session specifically to me and the goals I wished to achieve. She gave me amazing actions I could do from home to transform my state. I felt in total connection, peace and love regarding the relationship within myself and I could not be happier. Definitely book a session with Laura ASAP!."

Joanne Adams


"The sessions I had with Laura have been nothing short of life changing. I feel so much more self confident, I have a deeper sense of inner peace (which is huge because I had enormous inner turmoil occurring), and I am happier. I no longer seek something outside of myself to get my happiness fix – it’s already there inside of me. Things, events and comments that used to irritate me or put me into a fear response, no longer have an effect on me. My life is a thousand percent better. Thank you Laura!."

Mary Rumble


"I came to Laura as I had a situation in my life that was stressing me out. I did a session with Laura and felt a lot calmer when dealing with that situation which was a massive change! Laura's session's are great and I found them to really help me work through my stressful situation. I highly recommend working with Laura."

Rebecca Stable


"Our sessions with Laura were very helpful - it was incredible thank you so much. Thank you for working with us, it has set us on a better path and we are talking through things much more effectively."

Sally & Peter Hall


"Thank you for all you have done for us we feel like we are in a great place and have become more aware of how to communicate more effectively with your strategies. Thank you for being a wonderful counsellor!"

Stephanie & Jeremy Rogers


It was very refreshing to listen to your podcast on the topic I mentioned. I sincerely hope it helped a lot of couples out there. Thank you very much for your insight. I am glad to know there are people like you out there who still believe in good marriages and relationships.” 

Sam Ford


"From the sessions I felt a wonderful energetic shift. Allowing me to go forth through my ‘challenges’ from a completely different perspective of self appreciation and worth."

Mel Ford


"Laura's work is gentle and profound. I have experienced big beautiful shifts working with her. If you're thinking of working with her. I say do it! She is a blessing xxx."

Helen Adler



"Joshua and I are happier than ever and cannot thank you enough for all the amazing guidance you gave us last year".

Joshua & Emily Francis

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