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2 months worth of couples counselling in 1 day

This online retreat will help you learn how to connect, communicate and improve trust together. You can do this retreat from your own home or book a staycation where you can go locally and book beautiful accomodation that way you can connect after the day is complete.  The day is tailored specifically to you and your partner, together we will work through issues and challenges together and create a roadmap so that you can deepen your intimacy, love and appreciation for one another.


Laura Press - online marriage & couples counselling

This online intensive day is for you if...


  • Your relationship needs a tune up and some professional guidance.¬†
  • ¬†You want new strategies, skills, mindset shifts to improve your relationship.
  • ¬†Distractions and life get in the way every time you try and fix something or take time together.
  • ¬†You are confused and don‚Äôt know what you want for your life and relationship.
  • ¬†You have limited time/space to work on your relationship.
  • ¬†You are stuck in a cycle of arguing and want to stop it.
  • ¬†You feel more like roommates rather than lovers.
  • ¬†You want to trust one another but past hurts/resentments means you do not know how to get there.
  • ¬†Everything you say falls on deaf ears or you mis-interpret one another.

You will leave this day...

  • Reconnected and able to communicate clearly
  • With clear ways to stop the fighting cycle and learnt to repair quickly
  • Feeling heard, valued, loved and appreciated in your relationship
  • And started to build back trust & know how to do this moving forward
  • More open and receptive to your partner
  • With deepened intimacy, affection and connection
  • Having had learnt how to meet your partners wants/needs/desires
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Laura Press - online marriage & couples counselling

"Our sessions with Laura were very helpful - it was incredible thank you so much. Thank you for working with us, it has set us on a better path and we are talking through things much more effectively."

Sally & Peter Hall


"Thank you for all you have done for us we feel like we are in a great place and have become more aware of how to communicate more effectively with your strategies. Thank you for being a wonderful counsellor!"

Stephanie & Jeremy Rogers


"Joshua and I are happier than ever and cannot thank you enough for all the amazing guidance you gave us last year".

Joshua & Emily Francis

Private 1:1 Counselling For Total of 7 Hours

You and your partner will have my attention for the whole day to work through past issues/challenges, to help you both feel heard, seen and appreciated. There is a 30 min initial session before the day so I can tailor the whole day to exactly what you both need prior to the session.

During the day; there will be counselling to get you connected and on the same page. Throughout, I will be giving you practical actions you can put in place to keep your relationship on the right track.

There is a 90 minute follow up session too; incase you have questions you think of later and to ensure everything is in place. 

Immersion Experiences are Proven to Get Better & Faster Results

Diving deep in one day can help you both move through so much. Plus, I find when couples switch off from the world and can focus on their relationship they can be really present and this can sometimes be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Aligning Both Schedules

Some couples can struggle to find time that works in their busy schedules to work on their relationship. This way couples can take one day off work or choose a Saturday if that's best and really create the momentum, focus and attention their relationship deserves. 

Our schedule

Laura Press - online marriage & couples counselling

The schedule will be tailored to specifically meet your partner and your needs (the schedule might be modified if needed on the day). 

Session 1: 8.00am- 10am

Break 1: 10am-10.30am

Session 2: 10.30am-12

Break 2: 12-1pm

Session 3: 1pm-2.30pm

 Finishes for the day to relax, unwind and reconnect.  

We Could Cover Any Of the

Topics Below Applicable to You & Your Partner:

Discovering your conflict styles & how this impacts your marriage.

Creating and learning to implement pattern interrupts (break negative patterns) in your relationship.

Conflict resolutions specific to your strengths and weaknesses.

A detailed look at you and your partner's love language.

Wants and needs unique to both of you & how to fulfil them.

Learning what your patterns, triggers and attachment style are and how these impact your relationship.

How to establish healthy relationship boundaries.

Finding new ways to set healthy boundaries around parents, in-laws, relatives, finances and children.

Learning how to build back trust.

Deepen intimacy and affection.

Learning how to clearly and effectively communicate with your partner.

Create and re-establish a strong relationship foundation.

Create more joy, vitality and peace in your relationship.

Address any intimacy and sex concerns.

Address any individual struggles/mental health challenges.

Create a personalised roadmap for your relationship after the day which will be emailed to you for future reference.

Your One Day Intensive Counselling Retreat Inclusions:

  • 1 Day Private 1:1 online counselling working specifically on your relationship (5 hours of Online Counselling on the day)
  • 7 hours total focused entirely on your relationship
  • 90 Min follow up session after the day
  • 30 Min Initial Session to know what you would like to focus on during the day
  • Resources-scripts & exercises emailed to you after the day
  • Individual tailored road map for you both (specific to your relationship only) to action at home to keep you on track (emailed post retreat)
Pay up Front Bonus: 
  • Access to my 7 module online course -Relationships Turned On (post retreat) access to keep you on track post retreat (Valued at $397)
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Laura Press - online marriage & couples counselling

One Day Online Couples Counselling Intensive Retreat:


7 Hours Face To Face time 

90 Min of Follow-up 

30 Min Initial Session 

Workbook & Tailored Road Map 

Resources Emailed To You Specific For Your Relationship

Pay Upfront Bonus:

Access to 'Relationships Turned On' Online Couples Course 


$2907 of Total Value

for $2497 Per Couple

(Payment plans & 10% discount for upfront payment available)

Limited Saturdays Available

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