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Specialist qualified counselling for marriages, relationships, couples counselling and more, with a focus on scientifically backed, spiritually aware approach. 

  • Fully qualified Masters of Education Guidance, Counselling and Careers.

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science

  • PSYCH-K® Specialist Facilitator

  • Results & strategies focused

  • Online, discreet & convenient

Experienced Marriage & Relationship Specialist

Hi! I am Laura a qualified counsellor and PSYCH-K® facilitator. I started Wholehearted Breakthroughs as I saw that there was a pressing need for providing counselling that produced the results clients were after.


I offer a complete counselling, scientifically backed and spiritually aware approach that shifts trauma, emotions and situations on all levels. 

I help couples re-ignite their spark & reconnect to create a lovingly rich relationship.

Laura Press Online Counsellor


 Counselling Sessions (Zoom)

Private counselling sessions from the comfort of your own home.

  • 50 minute Zoom Counselling Sessions
  • Fast & efficient booking
  • Book & pay for your session online
  • After hours sessions available Mon - Thurs

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Sessions Will Help You Achieve

Clarity around your relationship & within yourself


More love, connection, excitement & intimacy in your relationship.


Feeling peace, joy and love in your relationship & life.

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"The sessions I had with Laura have been nothing short of life changing. I feel so much more self confident, I have a deeper sense of inner peace (which is huge because I had enormous inner turmoil occurring), and I am happier. I no longer seek something outside of myself to get my happiness fix – it’s already there inside of me. Things, events and comments that used to irritate me or put me into a fear response, no longer have an effect on me. My life is a thousand percent better. Thank you Laura!."

- Michelle Heltay

Laura created a tailored counselling plan for me, which was exactly what I needed as I was feeling very heartbroken, confused and unloved. I choose Laura as she was genuinely creating changes and shifts in people’s relationships. I gained clarity, deep love for myself and others and really knew what I wanted from my relationship. Laura uses amazing unique balances that work quickly and effectively along with so many practical actions, tips and strategies. I would highly recommend investing in Laura’s sessions; I felt incredible!

–Sarah Frizzi

"I was feeling disconnected, stressed and unhappy with the relationship within myself. Laura tailored the sessions specifically to me and the goals I wished to achieve. She used amazing balances with additionally actions I could do at home to transform my state. I felt in total connection, peace and love regarding my relationship within myself and I could not be happier. Definitely book a session with Laura ASAP!"

- Michelle Lucey

The Journey Towards Deeper Passion, Love & Joy in your Relationship Starts Now.


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