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Reconnect even if their is resentment & you can't seem to stop the fights;

without spending years in therapy.

  • Innovative & cutting edge approach to get FAST results

  • Qualified marriage counsellor with a twist (no fluff & practical actionable solutions) that you can do even if you are busy -10-15 mins a day

  • Reconnect even if the trust has been broken & it feels like there is immeasurable hurt

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Are you...

  • fed up with feeling like room mates?
  • sick of fighting with your husband/wife & not able to resolve arguments?
  • frustrated with feeling disconnected, not valued and appreciated?
  • tired of feeling like you are trying so hard but you can never get it right
  • disheartened the trust isn't there like it was?

Don't worry, I help you;

  • have clear communication in your relationship (with a simple step by step process!)
  • resolve disagreements & repair quickly (based on your strengths as a couple; this is unique to you)
  • reconnect, feel loved & appreciated (so you can speak your partners language and stop guessing!).
  • get back to being lovers instead of room mates
  • move past the hurt and resentment QUICKLY & draw a line in the sand!
This is tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle. No two action plans or counselling sessions are the same (as no two couples are alike).
Laura Press - online marriage & couples counselling

Laura has recently been featured on The Morning Show on Channel 7.

Her professional and tailored approach has helped hundreds of clients achieve their relationship goals, build back trust and create a more loving/connected relationship.

Say goodbye to….

❌waking up dreading the day because you are going round and round in circles in arguments and never reaching a resolution

❌feeling neglected and unwanted because you want intimacy and affection in your relationship

❌waking up in the middle of the night worrying what your partner is doing and if they are breaking the trust

Instead You'll...

✔️wake up in the morning and have a clear actionable step by step plan for conversations that take the round and round part out of it!

✔️never feel unwanted or rejected ever again after building back intimacy and affection in 6 weeks

✔️ build the reassurance, respect and love back during the process of creating an unshakable trustworthy relationship

Laura Press - online marriage & couples counselling
Laura Press - online marriage & couples counselling

I'm Laura Press a Specialist Online Relationship Counsellor. I provide affordable Counselling.

I’m a specialist online, results orientated marriage & relationship counsellor. My professional and tailored approach has successfully helped hundreds of clients resolve relationship issues and create sustainable change in their relationship.


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What Differentiates Laura Press Counselling?


✔️Proven Process To Transform You're Relationship

✔️I get results for my clients & I know how to do it faster than most counsellors with practical, real and down-to-earth sessions (think no BS - just actions that work).

✔️ Sessions do not have to be arduous or pain full! At the right times, I infuse lightheartedness (there are times with clients when we are having a joke and a laugh).

✔️An important distinction to make is that I have a Masters in Counselling, not a weekend course.

✔️I have personal experience in most facets of relationships, divorce, marriage after divorce, co-parenting, blended families & long-distance relationships.


This means I really get where you are coming from as I have been there and moved through it; to now having a created a wonderful marriage with my husband and three kids.

Laura Press - online marriage & couples counselling

Laura is Channel 7's the Morning Show's & ABC Radio's Resident Relationship Expert.

Her professional and tailored approach has helped hundreds of clients achieve their relationship goals, build back trust and create a more loving/connected relationship.

Relationship Expert Laura Press is Channel 7's Relationship Expert

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