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I'm Laura

Specialist online, results-orientated marriage & relationship counsellor.


My professional and tailored approach has helped hundreds of clients achieve their relationship goals, build back trust, deepen their relationship, fight smarter & ultimately get back to loving & enjoying one another.

I use a science and experience backed approach, which shifts trauma, emotions and situations on all levels.

I am expertly trained to see patterns, trends and unmet needs in your relationship and gently help you to meet these needs and interrupt unhealthy patterns.

My methods will teach you and your partner to be clear on what practical actions are needed to move your relationship forward.

What Differentiates Laura Press Counselling?


Innovative Solutions For Your Relationship

I get results for my clients & I know how to do it faster than most counsellors with practical, real and down-to-earth sessions (think no BS - just actions that work).

My intent for every session is to move you closer to your goals & how you want to feel but with some lightheartedness (there are times with clients when we are having a joke and a laugh).

Not only do I have a Masters in Counselling & not a weekend course (this is an important distinction!), but I have personal experience in most facets of relationships, divorce, marriage after divorce, co-parenting, blended families & long-distance relationships. This means I really get where you are coming from as I have been there and moved through it.



"I believe that every couple that wants to fix their relationship can they just need the right mindset, tools & strategies".

Laura Press

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