Online Counselling Results

Feb 04, 2023
Online Counselling Results
This article details some of the results my clients have experienced first hand during/after their counselling session.
You may feel/experience;
· Less anxious, happier, more joyful
· Be able to find the gifts in the challenges
· Less angry, fearful and negative.
· Neutral on negative events
· Less triggered by others
· Identify your limiting patterns/beliefs
· Stop repeating patterns in your life
· Create new and empowering beliefs
· Make better, more empowered decisions
· Operate out of a calm nervous system
· Feel more love, compassion and empathy for yourself and others
· Lower stress levels
· Find new perspectives to situations
· Feel more positive, motivated and inspired
· Find new strategies to manage situations or emotions
· Feel seen and heard
· Release emotions
· Find new solutions you never thought of before
· Improve your communication skills
· Learn new skills and strategies to improve your life
· Connect more deeply with your lover (marriage/relationship counselling)
· Set and achieve epic goals
· Creating a new life after big events
· Moving on from divorce
· Moving on from break ups
· Clarity of thought
· Accountability
· Help with addictions
· Help with stress, anxiety, anger, grief, loss, fears, confusion and depression.
This is not a comprehensive list, counselling can help you with the above and so much more.
Read a few comments from past clients;
"Laura's work is gentle and profound. I have experienced big beautiful shifts through working with her. If you're thinking of working with her, I say do it, she is a blessing xxx"-Belinda Chappell-Darlington, WA.
"The sessions I had with Laura have been nothing short of life changing. I feel so much more self-confident, I have a deeper sense of inner peace (which is huge because I had enormous inner turmoil occurring), and I am happier. I no longer seek something outside of myself to get my happiness fix – it’s already there inside of me. Things, events and comments that used to irritate me or put me into a fear response, no longer have an effect on me. My life is a thousand percent better. Thank you Laura!"- Michelle Heltay- QLD, Brisbane.

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