4 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Counsellor

counsellor Feb 04, 2023
4 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Counsellor
It is important when choosing a counsellor to make an informed decision to ensure you a) get results and b) have the right person with the experience and qualifications in your corner.
Keep reading, so you too don’t make the MISTAKES that can occur when people genuinely want to fix their their current situation; they just don’t have the right information.
No 1# The Counsellor Uses the Same Strategies for EVERYONE!
Yes, there are universal strategies and principles that are awesome and work well. However, everyone is in a unique situations, there is no one size fits all.
Check to ensure the person you work with in fact listens and thinks about what is in your best interest and what your specific situation requires. My belief is that it is imperative to have strategies that work seamlessly as possible into your current life style.
No 2# They do Not Work on the Persons Emotional Health
The No 1# thing to address initially is the individual person’s stress, anxiety and worries. Often people are so stressed, tired, worried, angry, frustrated that there is no way they are going to make good choices from this place.
You need a counsellor that is going to address individual challenges first and have the tools to help you through the stress with a process and strategies you can implement straight away. For example, I will only use tools, modalities that are proven using scientific and spiritual principles.
No 3# They Are Not Properly Qualified
I have a Masters In Education, Guidance & Counselling and a Biomedical Degree (this is an important distinction) as a lot of counsellors have a weekend course as their qualification. 
This can directly impact the results you achieve as a couple.
No 4# They Don’t Do Inner Work on Themselves.
Now, obviously this is tricky to figure out. However, there are certain questions you can ask as you want a counsellor who is up to date and is always working on being the best counsellor. This means they will have the most up to date information and it also shows their commitment to providing a quality service.
When looking for a counsellor always ensure that this person is continuing to grow, learn and develop themselves and their skills. In no way do I ever think I have learnt everything as that would be absurd.
Questions to ask your potential counsellor;
-When did you last do something to learn/develop your skills as a counsellor?
-Do you work on yourself and use these strategies in your own life?
-What qualifications and experience do you have?
Be discerning, find someone that will give you the RESULTS you are after.
The power of using a counsellor and having someone to hold you accountable is immense. Counsellors can often help you see things that may be hidden to you such as solutions, new ways of looking or doing things and this is invaluable.
If you enjoyed this article please share it with someone who it may help; you never know who you are helping. Xxx

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