3 Things That Couples Do That Ruin Their Relationship

challenges couples counselling retreat mistakes couples make retreat Apr 09, 2024

1. Not take alone time together

Couples will put their kids, jobs, household chores and everyone else infront of their own relationship and wonder why it isn't working. Your relationship should be your number 1 priority. When you relationship works everything else in your life works better. 


2. Staying in the same environment

Getting in new environments helps change your perspective and come up with creative solutions as a couple. It also helps you reconnect in a way that is very hard to do in your own environment. 


3. Have distractions everywhere

When do we ever take the time to completely unplug? No phone calls, texts, emails, social media, kids, neighbours, family members. You need distraction free environments to talk through challenges, to reconnect and get the passion back in your relationship. 


To Thrive as a couple you need...

1.  Quality alone & connection time together

2. New & exciting environments

3. Distraction free time 


That’s why I have designed....

Luxury Sunshine Coast Hinterland Counselling Retreat


Transform your relationship fast! 3 Months worth of counselling over 3 days!


This retreat will help you:

  • Reconnect
  • Clearly communicate with one another
  • Improve trust 
  • Deepen your intimacy, love and appreciation for one another 


There are very limited spots. Only 4 spots available! Read more about the retreat here.

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