3 Strategies to Improve Your Marriage

marriage Feb 03, 2023
3 strategies to improve your marriage without leaving your home-Laura Press Counselling
3 strategies to improve your marriage without leaving your home.
1.  Create a Compelling Relationship Vision
Without a vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18). 
Nothing could be more accurate in relationships.
Common goals or a shared vision are something you collectively work towards.
Perhaps it’s to save for the dream house or go on that holiday.
Big or small it doesn’t matter, sharing common goals, hobbies or dreams is one way to stay connected.
Further, create a compelling relationship vision by writing down exactly how each of you would like your relationship to be (from a place of love).
For example, your ideal relationship might include a kiss and a cuddle each morning from your partner.
Your wording is essential, and the small details matter, so pay close attention to them.
2. Conscious Communication
Your wants and needs matter.
Let me repeat this: your wants and needs in a relationship matter.
It is imperative to lovingly; communicate exactly what you want and need from the relationship.
3. Appreciation & Connection
Vocalise what you love and appreciate in your partner; this goes a long way!
Tell your lover about the things you love about them and be specific; the more detailed, the better.
Get your partner to repeat back the compliment or appreciation so they can take this in on another level. It is also good to check they fully received the appreciation.
Practice saying thank you for the compliment and nothing else.
All of these seem simple but are really the backbone to a great relationship and marriage.

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