Online PSYCH-K® Facilitator

  • Half a decade of experience facilitating PSYCH-K® sessions and fully qualified counsellor.
  • Transform your limiting beliefs, stress or trauma.
  • Online, discreet and convenient.
With decades of split brain research and psychology behind the process, PSYCH-K® is a fast and long lasting belief change process.
Laura Press PSYCH-K Facilitator

What is PSYCH-K® ?

PSYCH-K® uses different postures and processes to transform stress, fears or anxieties. 

It is safe and scientifically proven process, that works.

My clients have experienced incredible results and transformations. It is very helpful in relationships to remove triggers and heightened emotions to create loving relationships.

I offer combination counselling and PSYCH-K or stand alone sessions.


How Does It Work?

What Can We Achieve With PSYCH-K®?

  • Individually tailored sessions for your unique circumstances.

  • Transform your limiting beliefs to empowered beliefs.

  • Stop the overwhelm, stress, anxiety & fear.

  • Transform trauma or negative situations.

  • Find out the emotional/psychological reason behind a physical ailment or reoccurring pattern in your life.

  • Heal/transform the emotions behind a physical aliment or situation in your life.

  • Rewire your brain to align with your goals.

  • Heal the relationship with yourself, others and every area of your life.

  • Practical strategies you can implement straight away. 

  • Action plan to achieve your desired goals.

  • Session de-brief emailed directly to you after the session including any resources, strategies and tips to action to assist you to succeed.

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