1 Day Couples Counselling Retreat Online

Transform Your Relationship in a single day online

3 months of counselling in 1 day

with an experienced & fully qualified couples counsellor from the comfort of your own space.​

One day of focused private one on one counselling completely customised to you and your partner via Zoom.

What is an Online Couples Counselling Retreat?

It is 3 months of therapy in one day.

This is for you if:

  • You do not have the time to attend weekly or fortnightly sessions.

  • You need to fix the issues now.

  • You are ready to transform your relationship now.

  • You are busy parents who need space when your kids are at school or with the grandparents to sort through your issues in private.

  • You are busy professionals and finding a time where you are both available weekly or fortnightly would be nearly impossible.

The goal of the day is to: work through challenges or issues that are arising in your relationship and work to transform them this will include therapies, processes and actions you can implement yourselves ongoing. 

To create a more trusting, connected, loving, passionate and fulfilling relationship for you.

The second goal is to: create time and space to give you the opportunity to be together distraction free.

It is about creating breathing space for you both to slow down, in a productive way where you come from the day feeling stronger, happier and able to move forward as a couple.

Experienced Couples & Relationship Specialist

Specialist qualified counselling for marriages, relationships, couples counselling and more, with a focus on scientifically backed, spiritually aware approach. 

  • Fully qualified Masters of Education Guidance, Counselling and Careers.

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science

  • PSYCH-K® Specialist Facilitator

  • Results & strategies focused

  • Online, discreet & convenient

What's Included

Initial Assessment & Get to Know You

  • ½ an hour get to know you and initial assessment of where your relationship is currently via Zoom.


6 Hours of therapy broken into 1-1.5 hour blocks (with breaks in between)

  • Structured dialogue therapy

  • Narrative therapy

  • Stress, fear and anxiety transformations

  • Limiting belief transformation

  • Many different counselling processes may be utilised depending on what you need

  • Actions you can implement straight way

  • Done for you road map to improve intimacy, trust and communication

  • Feel more joy, peace, love and fulfilment from your relationship

  • Action plan designed specifically for you both after the day

(The blocks of time may change based on individuals needs)




  • 1 Hour Zoom follow up consultation to ensure you are both on track.

  • 2 weeks of unlimited access to me via email/chat to assist you to overcome any blocks/challenges that may come up.

  • Bundle of resources - 4 Foundational Relationship Actions PDF and specific tailored MP4 intimacy exercise. 

  • Expert & professional couples counsellor focused on your relationship for 10 hours in total!

  • Includes 7 and half hours of therapy and assessment.

  • Your tailored road map emailed directly to you after the retreat day. 

  • Box of retreat/counselling items delivered straight to your door prior to the retreat.

How I Support You

Tailored Counselling & Therapy Specific to Your Needs & Goals

-With 1 hour Session (post retreat).
- 2 weeks unlimited email access to address issues that arise.

Toolbox of Strategies You and Your Partner Can Use to Combat Other Challenges That May Arise in the Future.

Tailored Road Map (actions) You & Your Partner Can Action After the Day

Resources You Can Refer To After the Retreat

Box of retreat/counselling items Heading Straight to Your Door Prior to the Retreat to Assist your Relationship Success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Retreat Pricing & Dates


The 1 Day Couples Counselling Online Retreat is $1950.


Please enquire about the retreat to find a date that suits you. Retreats are typically offered twice a month. 

Retreat Conditions:

Retreat is paid upfront. With a 2 weeks cancellation policy.

Online Couples Counselling Retreat Enquiry

Thank you for your enquiry, I will get back to you within 24 hours. To book a free enquiry call fill out the form below to see if it is the right fit for you and I.



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